a letter to elise live blink 182, the cure cover

A Letter to Elise” is the third and final single taken from the album Wish from The Cure in 1992. It was made public for the first time on MTV’s Cure-“Unplugged” show in 1991 and had very different lyrics from the later version to be released as a 7″.
The B-side “The Big Hand” was planned as an A-Side single early in 1993 but the idea was scrapped, largely due to Boris Williams not wanting it to appear on the album but having no qualms about it appearing as a B-side (from KROQ radio interview with the band in 1992). “The Big Hand” is one of the few B-sides to be played live, although very rarely. It was first played in 1991, performed a few times during the Wish Tour in 1992, then revived at the Ultra Music Festival in 2007, and popped up, though rarely, during the band’s 4Tour World Tour 2007-08. Letters to Felice by Kafka was a huge influence when Robert Smith wrote the lyrics of the track.
A letter to Elise is the song that popularized by the cure, the band is legendary, and the blink 182 personnel admitted that they are a big fan of the cure. blink 182 bring the cure is when the show made by MTV namely, MTV icon The cure in 2004


going away to college – blink 182

actually, i think its the other way around, and the guy is going away to college. for one, he talks about skippin his lecture, and going to a soccer game, and lecturses are more common in college. second, is he wonders if his picture is still hanging in her locker, as in shes still in school
what a sweet song. pretty self explantory…a guy’s girlfriend is going away to college, and he’s not sure what he’s going to do without her around all the time. he kind of feels like he took her for granted all the time they were together, and he never realised just how much she meant to him.

going away to college is yangterdapat song on the album Enema of the state. This video clip blink 182 take the concept to simply take a picture potonga piece of video clip to another.

This is a very funny video, but unfortunately the image quality is less good. hard to find this video with excellent image quality, because the video was released long enough that in 1999.

I own not understand what the intent of the song.

M+M’s Blink 182

one of the greatest blink songs yet.
Sometimes it makes me want to laugh
Sometimes I want to take my toaster in the bath
some of the best lyrics cuz sometimes you do just wanna take your toaster in the bath;-)
Because when I’m with you there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
I just want to be your only one
I’m grasping out at straws thinking back to what I saw
That night on the floor when we were all alone
i LOVE this song…one of their best…and i agree that travis is a better drummer…no offense to those of u that like scott better. i just think hes got more talent. this song is totally awesome!! hahaha…i just remembered this… when i was playing risk with my friends, (i know, its lame, but we were on an island with nothing to do!) drew got madagascar, so i gave him 5 of my countries for it, cuz mark said it! hahaha…oh good times, good times
this song is what got me hitched to blink 8 years ago…wasting time is a better song though…reminds me of NFG’s early stuff if it can be called that yet
great song… guy wants girl, girl just wants to score. classic high school theme. still during blinks best music stage and is a top 10 blink song

my fave blink song. the older stuff is and always will be the shit. but i just wanna say that i’m glad scott’s gone. sorry to u people who like him but he fuct shit up when he was around. trav is a better drummer anyway…it’s the truth or else i wouldn’t say it. anyways i want a boy to buy me some ciggarettes and candy and drive me away..

blink 182 – adam song

“Adam’s Song” is a song by American pop punk band Blink-182, from their third album Enema of the State, the album largely credited for the band’s success. It was released as the third and final CD single from the album behind “What’s My Age Again?” and “All the Small Things” on September 5, 2000. “Adam’s Song” is one of five Blink-182 songs that peaked at on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart. Vocals on the song are performed by Mark Hoppus.
“Adam’s Song” is commonly referred to as the song when Blink-182 got “serious”, being their first well-known slow-paced baker. The song is placed in between the catchy and fast-paced songs “Dysentery Gary” and “All the Small Things”.
The song is written in C major, with the strings on the guitar tuned a whole step down. The song’s lyrics deal with depression and suicide, a noticeable departure from the toilet humor present in most of the other songs on Enema of the State. The arrangement of the song departs from their previous work as well, particularly the shifting instrumental parts. In the verses, the guitar plays (muted) chords accompanied by a relatively ordinary bass line; in the chorus the guitar plays octave lines while the bass shifts to playing chords. It is comparable to their later song “Stay Together for the Kids” (dealing with ‘broken home’ and family issues), from Blink-182’s fourth studio album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.
The song makes a reference to “Come as You Are” by Nirvana, which includes the lyric “Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don’t be late.” “Adam’s Song,” in turn, includes the lyric “I took my time, I hurried up, The choice was mine, I didn’t think enough.”
It was once thought that the website AdamsLetter.com featured the inspiration behind the song, though this was later revealed as a fictitious story, and any “resemblance between the characters, places, and events to any real people is purely coincidental.”
The song caused a stir in 2000 when it was set to replay indefinitely on a nearby stereo as 17-year-old Greg Barnes, a survivor of the Columbine High School massacre, hanged himself in the garage of his family’s home. Hoppus, the song’s writer, has insisted that the song is anti-suicide.
During their 2009 summer tour, after the passing of DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, Blink-182 stopped playing “Adam’s Song” for the remainder of the tour.

man overboard – blink 182

“Man Overboard” is a song by Blink-182 from their live CD The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!). “Man Overboard”, however, is a studio recording. It was released as a single in October 2000 and peaked at number two on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart.

The words “So sorry, it’s over” are repeated throughout the song, a reference to an earlier Blink-182 song, “Untitled.” The song is alleged to be about drummer Scott Raynor departing the band.

The video was directed by Marcos Siega and released in 2000. It is a parody of Blink-182’s previous videos. The band can be seen traveling to a show, falling asleep in the van. Mark dreams about midgets, who look like the band members, recreating the “What’s My Age Again?” video. Tom is dreaming of the little trio recreating “Adam’s Song”. Finally, Travis dreams of them recreating “All the Small Things”. These sequences are interspersed with footage of the band playing live at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California. They arrive at their show at a Los Angeles club playing with Fenix Tx and are greeted by the tiny trio in their dream sequences, resulting in the members screaming and running.

blink 182 live at reading festival 2010

reading festival tour is a series of blink 182. in the video blink 182 bring 3 songs include violence, i miss you and stay together for the kids. in the video I saw blink 182 music plays well, it sounds neat, in gantu with lighting that makes the atmosphere more exciting.

at the time of rendition of violence, tom play its role as a vocalist with a very good, as well as mark and travis. in this video are many words that are pronounced in the sensor, because the reading festival broadcast live on British television station that is bbc.

action stage in the video is very thick typical of blink 182. funny but also cool.

when the song stay together for the kids, tom looks like a sad person, because that song is the true story of his family. but overall ok.

I really like when i miss you, relaxed, but the strains of soft music rhythm guitar, and bass from a very good mark in the hearing. travis played his drum with a very relaxed and it’s very good at hearing and be seen. at the end i miss you. It is the most exciting. they are all cool, blink 182 dead!

not now – blink 182

not now is the songs contained in blink 182 greatest hits album.
and they released the video as a video bye because they had time to disperse and eventually a reunion back in 2009.

This video is only a combination of several videoyang menampilakan once they release. and also some video scenes when they were still close relationship.

now it’s not the song itself tells of a fear that is felt by someone and he said to his god.

in this video, a lot of scenes are funny scenes that became the hallmark of blink 182. but there is also a sad scene when the seconds they will disband.

in terms of cinematography, this is a good concept album, unique but the message conveyed can be received by the audience.

so my analysis of this blink 182 video clips